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LDNscience™ is a MedInsight® project.

As a charitable organization, we rely on the generosity of our supporters to allow us to continue our work.  Please join the generous supporters of research into Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN), Opioid Growth Factor (OGF) and related therapies by making your tax-deductible, secure donation online today. Every cent you can give helps further important life-saving research into these innovative treatments.

To make your secure online donation to LDNscienceÒ and MedInsight® Research Institute, please follow the link below:

Thank you for your generosity. We demonstrate our appreciation of our donors by featuring their names on our recent donor news feed and Our Supporters Board page. Once you have made a donation, we will contact you for permission to post your name on our website.

Critical projects which are dependant solely on the generosity of our supporters include:

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN)
Distillation and indexing by MedInsight® of all existing preclinical and clinical research into molecular targets for LDN. This research will help physicians and patients understand the magnitude of therapeutic possibilities offered by LDN, and stimulate further clinical research into the many treatment possibilities of numerous autoimmune disorders and other chronic medical conditions that LDN offers.

Opioid Growth Factor (OGF)
Distillation and indexing by MedInsight® of all existing preclinical and clinical research into molecular targets for OGF. This work will serve as a roadmap for further clinical research using OGF as a treatment for different cancers and neurodegenerative diseases.


Additional Projects
MedInsight® undertakes research projects into off-label treatment options for many different diseases. If you know someone suffering from a disease for which he or she has found no relief, you can contact us to discuss sponsoring a research project into that disease. Typically, such a project takes up to three months and usually provides coverage of numerous innovative treatment choices used around the world.

If you have a specific research idea you would like to sponsor related to LDN, OGF or similar therapies, please click here to contact us.

In the near future, we will facilitate sponsorship of clinical research projects at medical institutions through a sister nonprofit organization now being established for this purpose. We look forward to expanding our work and making a difference for patients and families worldwide.

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We thank all our sponsors who have supported our life-saving work!


Diamond Level Sponsors

Emily Ross, NY, NY, USA

James Madison, Paris, France

Samuel and Deborah Marks, London, England

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Gold level Sponsors

Adam Marcus, LA, CA, USA

Jeff and Suzie Miles, Dallas, TX, USA

Sam Johnson, Monsey, NY, USA

Debbie and Dave Gross, Cleveland, OH, USA

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Silver Level Sponsors

Kathy Dwight, London, England

Dr. Kay Austen, Los Angeles, CA, USA

David and Jody Broom, Concord, NH, USA

Ed Martin, Denver, CO, USA

Moshe and Chanie Gross, Baltimore, MD, USA

Adam Pepper, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

Jennifer Numan, Seattle, WA, USA

Dona White, Long Island, NY, USA

Steve and Emily Long, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Richard Holbrook, Egginton Derby, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Karsin Family, Hawaii, USA


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