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  • Dipyridamole eye drop treatment results presented at ISVER

    Dipyridamole eye drop treatment results presented at ISVER

    MedInsight presented its research findings on Dipyridamole eye drops at the recent ISVER conference at Kfar Maccabia. For more details see MedInsight LinkedIn Page

  • MedInsight article in Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics

    MedInsight article in Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics

    MedInsight recently published a comprehensive review of Dipyridamole in Ocular use in the prestigious Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics. To read the full text, click the link.

  • Follow MedInsight on Linkedin

    Follow MedInsight on Linkedin

    MedInsight has added a Linkedin page, so that you can keep abreast of all our activities, news, updates and research! Visit our page by clicking on the following link.

  • New Dipyridamole eye drop clinical trial at Wolfson Medical Center

    New Dipyridamole eye drop clinical trial at Wolfson Medical Center

    Our first clinical trial for Dipyridamole eye drop is on track to begin at Wolfson Medical Center's Department of Ophthalmology. This is the first ever clinical trial for a non-surgical treatment for pterygium, and will also measure the effectiveness in dry eye. For more information about Dipyridamole eye drops click here

  • MedInsight at ISVER conference

    MedInsight at ISVER conference

    MedInsight has been invited to present at the 2016 ISVER conference. Our presentation, entitled “Topical Dipyridamole for Treatment of Pterygium and Associated Dry Eye Symptoms: Analysis of User-Reported Outcomes” will outline the user outcomes thus far. For information about the conference click here.

Institutions Researching LDN

  • ChinaMedUniv
  • UBarcelona
  • Stanford
  • LondonHealthSciencesCtr
  • Vanderbilt
  • erasmus
  • Waitemata
  • Sodersjukhuset
  • UTabuk
  • UCLA
  • UTDallas
  • YardlelyDermAssoc
  • Karolinska
  • TechnicalUnivofMunich
  • Bisha
  • UnivHospNorthNorway
  • Drexel
  • UESC
  • UofKansas
  • USC
  • VA
  • ecole
  • OttawaHospital
  • DartmouthHitchcock
  • UofIowa
  • WashStateUniv
  • McGill
  • LakeErieCollOsteoMed
  • HospClinUnivValladolid
  • UTexasSouthwesternMedCtr
  • EasternHealth
  • MarcilioDiasNavalHospital
  • BarolatNeuroscience
  • VAgreaterLA
  • Gironi
  • MUSC
  • SUNY
  • OSU
  • Loyola
  • UMiami
  • StLouis
  • ClevelandClinic
  • UniResearchNorway
  • CountiesManukauHealthMiddlemoreHospital
  • Tufts
  • WashUniv
  • Synovation
  • SunyUpstate
  • KUSM-W
  • RegisUniversity
  • Emory
  • Geisel
  • MRI
  • JundiShapoor
  • RioDeJanerioStateU
  • MazandaranUniv
  • StGeorge
  • PennState
  • UnivGamaFilho
  • Medicor
  • ECU
  • CaseWesternReserveUniv
  • WashUniversity
  • EastTNStateU
  • TantaU
  • Brown
  • ucsf2
  • Embry
  • BrightonSussex
  • AichiGakuinU
  • UManchester
  • UFRB
  • NYU
  • UF
  • WashStateUniv2
  • UiT
  • UAB
  • BarnesJewish
  • Copenhagen
  • ShengjingHospitalofChinaMedUniv
  • UofZagreb
  • UofTampere
  • HarvardMedSchool
  • SaintLouisU
  • Postgrad
  • QueensUniv
  • BalladHealth
  • RushUniv
  • Northwestern
  • HIMS
  • Utah
  • AllIndia
  • UCI
  • UOttowa
  • UBrighton
  • IMCnewmexico
  • UPenn
  • MayoClinicAriz
  • Baylor
  • NavalMedCtrPortsmouth
  • AlfredHealth
  • Duke
  • SunyBuffalo
  • LMHC
  • NorthShore
  • MassGenHosp
  • UFSB
  • HowardUniv