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LDN is short for Low Dose Naltrexone. The term ‘LDN’ refers to the use of Naltrexone at doses below 10mg per day. Used at low doses, Naltrexone exhibits novel and paradox effects. Read more

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) was discovered in 1980 by Dr. Ian S. Zagon and Dr. Patricia McLaughlin at Hershey Medical Center, Penn State University College of Medicine. Since then it has been a subject of expanded research and publications. Read more

In order to understand how LDN works, it is crucial to briefly introduce the workings of the ‘natural opioid’ (endorphin) system. Read more

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) is being used as a regulator of the immune system, providing relief to patients with autoimmune diseases, and chronic medical disorders. Read more

We collaborate with LDN researchers to bring current information about clinical trials and research to all our visitors, both patients and the professional community. Read more

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