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Discussing LDN with Your Doctor

Interested in speaking to your doctor about LDN but not sure where to begin? A good place to start is LDNscience. With a multitude of resources ranging from a research search engine to patient-reported success stories to ongoing clinical trials, the LDNscience website is primed to help you be ready for your appointment before you even step foot into the doctor’s office.

While we know that suggesting a treatment or medication that your physician hasn’t already suggested can sometimes be intimidating, with these helpful tips you can maximize your office visit and improve communication with your physician.

How to Talk to Your Doctor About LDN?
  1. Do your part, come prepared! First, educate yourself in advance by checking out LDNscience’s Q&A page of common questions about LDN. Then make a list of your own personal questions and any possible concerns and bring them with you to your appointment. You may also wish to bring information about LDN that is relevant to your condition. You can find published LDN research or reports on LDNscience’s page “What is LDN Used For” page...but try not to overwhelm your physician by only bringing brief and relevant material.
  2. Don’t hide information about your habits or medication adherence. Some things may be a little embarrassing to admit, but making sure your doctor has a clear picture of your health is important. Fess up about your lifestyle and bad habits so your doctor can create the best treatment plan for you, and perhaps even advise you on how to break the habits you didn’t want to mention. Did you know that LDN can help curb cravings for alcohol and opioid drugs? If addiction is something you’re struggling with, all the more reason to discuss how LDN can help.
  3. If you don’t understand something, speak up now. Getting a hold of your doctor after hours can be challenging. Instead of tracking them down after your appointment and having to wait for a response, ask questions and share your concerns while you’re there.
  4. Bring someone with you. Paying attention isn’t overrated. Bringing a friend or family member to take notes may help you be fully present during your appointment instead of rushing through your checklist of questions. If you have questions that remained either unanswered or you’re not confident in the response you received - perhaps you can find an answer here, at LDNscience’s question and answer forum.
  5. In most countries, LDN needs to be specially made. If your doctor agrees to prescribe LDN, the prescription will need to be taken to a compounding pharmacy. In order to facilitate the process, have a list of pharmacies ready for your doctor. Need help locating one? Check out our LDN pharmacy directory.

How was your appointment? If you followed these tips and arrived at your appointment prepared and empowered but still left feeling unheard or dismissed because your physician was unwilling to thoughtfully consider LDN, fear not! We have a helpful directory designed to help you find a prescriber that is familiar with LDN.

We hope these tips help you maximize your visit to your doctor and feel confident about speaking to your physician about LDN. If your appointment was successful and you’ve since started LDN, let us know how LDN is working for you! Visit us online to submit your LDN story.

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