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Dr. Mark Shukhman, M.D.

Psychiatrist, Independent Practitioner

Mark Shukhman, M.D. is a psychiatrist in private practice in suburbs of Chicago. Dr. Shukhman’s practice is focused on such problems as mood, anxiety, obsessiveness, sleep, sex, appetite control, energy level, chronic pain and addictions. His treatment approach is based on neuropsychiatric interpretation of symptoms and usually includes a combination of medications with nutrient-repletion and sometimes hormonal correction.

Dr. Shukhman has served as a primary investigator for several industry-sponsored pharmaceutical research studies. He began prescribing LDN in 2011. For the last few years, he has been presenting his findings at international LDN conferences and wrote a book chapter on uses of LDN in psychiatry.

Dr. Shukhman teaches, including his role as a doctor teaching other doctors. He has served on the faculty of a board preparation course, advisory panels, multiple grand rounds etc. He served as a primary investigator for a several pharmaceutical research studies.

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