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Sleep Survey Results

LDNscience® receives many questions regarding LDN’s effects on sleep, however there has been no research in this area. We, therefore, gathered information from our LDN community regarding their experiences via a survey in order to shed some light on the subject.

The survey consisted of 4 questions:

  1. a. When you first began taking LDN, which time of day did you take it?
    b. When do you take it now?
  2. a. When you first began taking LDN, how did it impact your sleep?
    b. How does it impact your sleep now?
  3. How has LDN helped you?
  4. How long have you been taking LDN?
Sleep Survey

Over 700 LDN users responded to our survey!

We learned that:

  1. The majority of survey respondents reported that LDN did not cause any sleep issues regardless of the time of dosing (47% even reported improvement and 42% reported no change).
  2. Of those who switched from evening / nighttime dosing to morning dosing, 93% had improvement in their sleep or did not notice a change.
  3. Regarding LDN’s effectiveness - there was no significant difference in those that take LDN in the evening / nighttime and morning (89% vs 86%).

In addition, we were able to conclude that:

  1. LDN works!
    61% of people reported that LDN changed their lives for the better.
  2. LDN is gaining serious traction!
    More than half of the 700 survey respondents started LDN within the last year.