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LDN & Immunosuppressants Survey Results

“Can LDN be Taken Together with Immunosuppressive Drugs?”
This is a frequent question we receive at LDNscience®. Some doctors fear that LDN may interfered with the effects of immunosuppressants or vice-versa.

Wisdom of the Crowds
What speaks better than real-life experience? We turned to our valued LDN user community to share their experience through answering a few questions. Here is what we found out.

The survey consisted of 4 questions:

  1. Which medication were you taking first?
  2. Why did you add LDN/immunosuppressant?
  3. The combination of the LDN & Immunosuppressant made me feel: Better / About the same / Worse
  4. After adding LDN my immunosuppressant dose is now: Increased / Decreased / Discontinued

What happened to immunosuppressant users who added LDN?

★   70% reported a positive outcome (felt better and/or reduced/discontinued their immunosuppressants)
★   22% were able to totally discontinue their immunosuppressant(s) after adding LDN.

Was a combination of LDN and immunosuppressants well-tolerated?

★   Yes, 92% of responders who combined LDN with immunosuppressants reported a neutral or positive experience using both together.

While more than a survey is needed to provide 100% scientific proof of drug compatibility, a survey such as ours suggests that the risks may be minimal, and that in many cases LDN enhances the effects of immunosuppressants or eliminate their need. We encourage sponsorship of large clinical trials to study these promising findings in a prospective manner, across a wide range of autoimmune diseases.