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The year of 2019 saw a great surge in LDN activity!

Take a look at some of the LDN milestones:


A record high in published LDN articles, books, and posters was achieved.

LDN publications in 2019 focused on using LDN for: skin conditions - HHD, alopecia, Darier’s, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis; chronic pain - neuropathic corneal pain, fibromyalgia, Ehler’s Danlos; psychiatric conditions, rheumatologic conditions - RA, Sjogren’s; as well as explorations in chronic fatigue syndrome and cancer.

Academic Institutions

More academic institutions published on LDN in 2019 than in any previous year.

LDN research has truly gone international. Countries from all over the world represented LDN scientific publications, including: Eastern & Western Europe: Finland, Germany, Norway, Poland, Spain, UK; North America: Canada, USA (academic centers across 16 different states!) South America: Brazil; Middle East: Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia; East Asia: China, Japan; South Asia: India Oceania: New Zealand


There was more than a 45% increase in the number of LDN-related authors compared to previous years.

Among the increase in 2019’s authors were some "LDN frequent fliers" who’ve published more than one article on LDN, including Drs. Dieckmann and Hamrah of Tufts University, Norwegian researchers Drs. Raknes and Småbrekke, and Dr. Jfri of McGill University. We look forward to seeing what LDN progress is made by all of these authors in 2020.


We reached a new high of 65 different conditions explored with LDN therapy that were published in the scientific literature.

Among the 1sts in 2019 were the first large scale study of LDN use related to rheumatoid arthritis, the first case report of LDN therapy for Sjogren's syndrome, and the first articles published on LDN therapy for chronic fatigue syndrome, erythrodermic psoriasis, and amyopathic dermatomyositis.

Behind the scenes of all this important LDN activity, LDNscience plays a significant role as #1 source of accessible scientific information and practical guidance about LDN.

We always keep the LDN community up to date by reporting the latest scientific developments, conducting exclusive interviews with experts and patients, disseminating LDN user stories, answering questions, and making LDN treatment more available by providing free, easy access to prescribers and pharmacies.

With your support, we can make 2020 a year of unprecedented growth in LDN research and help bring LDN’s healing potential to more people in need than ever before.

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