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LDN research continues to grow at an incredible rate!

In 2018, records were achieved in the numbers of:

  • Scientists and institutions studying LDN
  • New disorders studied for LDN treatment
  • LDN-related articles published

The trend is quite remarkable… take a look!

There were 21 new LDN publications in 2018! This is the highest number ever!

In 2018, LDN studies were published about 11 new disorders, bringing the total studied LDN uses to 55!

70 scientists published LDN-related articles in the last year, a record high!

In August 2018, we shared the great news that 60 institutions have studied LDN. Since then, 12 new institutions have been added!

What will happen in 2019?

Let’s keep the great trends going, and hope that 2019 will be as great as 2018 in LDN research!