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Background - Patient

Diseases - Aplastic Anemia

Date of Posting: September 27, 2017

Posted By: Ms. Chris Collins

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From: Missouri

I was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia in March 2010. They gave me 3-6 months to live if I did not do immunosuppressive therapy. I walked away and did Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for seven years, mostly for poor digestion which they think caused the AA. However TCM helped, it did not completely fix my blood counts consistently. I started on LDN May 2017. I take 4.0 mg every night. It is now Sept 2017. My blood counts are starting to rise, I am not having to get blood every 3 weeks. I have energy, bruising is now to a minimum, and I go to work with no problems. I monitor so many things in my life, mainly foods (I'm lactose, gluten and sugar intolerant). I have never been on allopathic medications. I credit LDN with my turnaround. At 66, my life has begun anew. We celebrate every single day.