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How LDN Helped Me


Background - Patient

Diseases - AutoImmune (general) , Pyoderma Gangrenosum

Date of Posting: April 16, 2019

Posted By: Mrs. Michele Romano

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

From: UK

On 9/3/17, which was a Thursday, I woke up to find the back of both my hands and wrists looking like they had a heat rash...or as if I had rolled in nettles. By the following Monday, it had spread up my arms. It was scaly and felt like fire ants were crawling under my skin. There were red patches on both sides of my chest, under my breasts, both sides of my stomach, and the top of both thighs.

I went to the doctor, who prescribed 30 mgs of steroids for five days and said that I would see improvement in 24-48 hours. I did not. It was worse. The red areas were extremely hot, and I felt beside myself. I then went back to the doctor who sent me to hospital. They tried to take blood but my arms were too swollen. I made several trips to the hospital, and the steroids were raised up to 60 mgs per day. This helped all the above-mentioned areas, but after about a month my inner thighs erupted. It was extremely painful. I was unable to walk and I was put in the hospital. Nurses thought I had been attacked with acid. The doctos said I would need skin grafts and I was very afraid.

I spent a lot of time crying and was put on controlled morphine and 90 mgs of steroids. After a few weeks, there was improvement. I was to reduce the steroids by 10 mgs a week. There was still pain though, and when I got down to 40 mgs, the condition got worse again, so I could not stop the steroids.

After about four months on the steroids, I started taking LDN. I started at 0.25 mg, increasing by 0.25 mg each week. We saw improvement straight away. The pain went away and I was able to reduce the steroids. When I came off the steroids completely, I went red all over...but the LDN cured that in three days. I went up to 4 mgs of LDN, but that was too high. I think my sweet spot is 3.25 mg.

My thighs have improved greatly and the rest of me is completely clear. I feel happy and full of energy.

It seemed as if the healing was two steps forward one step back, so my husband suggested I take a different dose of LDN each day ranging from 1 mg to 3.75 mg over a two week cycle. It now seems like two steps forward and only half a step back. I am sure my inner thighs will be as clear as the rest of me soon.  I am extremely grateful to my husband and LDN.

Thank you, Michele

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