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Q & A: How Can I Obtain LDN?

In most countries LDN may be supplied only with a physician's prescription. Many countries permit sales of medication to foreign buyers without a prescription. This results in cross-border ordering of LDN mostly by people who cannot find a doctor to prescribe it. It is recommended to always have a knowledgeable physician oversee your medical care. Access our free global directory of LDN suppliers.
Since LDN is a non-commercialized treatment, doctors will not learn about it from the drug company sales representatives, as they learn about other treatments. Many doctors are afraid of prescribing off-label, or doing something that their colleagues don't do. The best chance of getting a doctor's cooperation is by showing him/her the scientific basis for your request. Referring them to (specifically to the pages showing all the studies that have been conducted to date) may convince a doctor that there is sufficient basis to experiment with LDN. If that does not work, then it may be best to work with a doctor already familiar with LDN therapy. A directory of such doctors is available on our site. If you are aware of any doctors who prescribe LDN and are not yet listed, please ask them or their office staff to register themselves with our website, or contact us with their information.