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Q & A: How Do I Use LDN?

Since LDN works through a "rebound effect" (for details please see the explanatory section "How Does Low Dose Naltrexone Work?") its beneficial effects only begin taking place once the LDN has been metabolized and removed from the cells. Since metabolism varies between individuals, there is no single dose that will work for every person. Some people find that a daily dose as low as 2mg is effective, and others have found that they achieve greatest benefit using two doses of 4.5mg each day (12 hours apart). The clinical trials so far have used a single daily dose of 4.5mg and for most users this dose seems to be effective. We recommend that you discuss this with your prescriber. Locate an LDN prescriber here.
Most patients do well with a single daily dose of 4.5mg, however some patients require less, and others require more, sometimes even 2 pills a day. The dose range for beneficial effect is usually between 2.5mg and 10mg per day, we recommend that you discuss this with your prescriber. Locate an LDN prescriber here. For a child, the dosage would need to be adjusted accordingly.
While LDN use in pets has been going on for some years as can be seen here, the first clinical trial with pets was published in 2018. This study, from Brazil, combined LDN with chemotherapy for treating dogs with breast cancer. The researchers found that LDN improved the animals’ well-being, maintained their quality of life, and contributed to an increased survival rate in dogs undergoing chemotherapy. The dose used was 0.1mg per kg of bodyweight, once daily, for 24 weeks. Check with your veterinarian to determine the best dose for your pet. Our LDN prescriber database includes veterinarians who prescribe LDN. If you wish to sponsor a clinical trial into any specific disease affecting pets, please contact us.
The clinical trials conducted so far have not shown any difference in effect if LDN is taken at night or in the morning. Most users prefer to take it in the evening, however this does sometimes disturb sleep in some individuals, and for these people taking it in the morning is preferred. A survey of LDN users that we carried out shows that LDN is as effective if taken during the day. Visit here to see the complete survey results.
According to Dr. Zagon's studies the optimal daily dose of LDN is between 2.5 and 10mg. It is conceivable that some individuals, depending on their metabolism, would benefit from taking two doses daily of 3mg or 4.5mg, 12 hours apart, and in fact this has been reported by some people. We recommend that you discuss this with your prescriber. Locate an LDN prescriber here.
This question has not yet been addressed in clinical trials. Trials have consistently used 4.5mg dosages. Since people metabolize Naltrexone at different speeds, it is often necessary to make adjustments in dosages for each individual. We recommend that you discuss this with your prescriber. Locate an LDN prescriber here.
LDN pills do not require refrigeration. LDN liquid may need refrigeration - it is best to ask the pharmacy that prepared it for storage instructions. Locate an LDN supplier here.

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