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Interviews with Experts

Dr. Wai Liu
January 19, 2018
Interview with Dr. Wai Liu of St. George's University of London
Dr. Wai Liu, an experienced cancer researcher at St. George’s University of London, researches novel cancer treatments, including modifications to established drug regimens to enhance the effectiveness of chemotherapy. His work includes studying the anticancer effects of low dose naltrexone (LDN), which he discusses in this interview with
Dr. Mark Shukhman
January 01, 2017
Interview with Dr. Mark Shukhman of the Northshore University Health System/Private Practice
Dr. Mark Shukhman is a psychiatrist in private practice. He was introduced to LDN around 2011 and has been using it with his patients since then. In this interview, he describes his observations about how patients with sexual dysfunction, addictions of various kinds, and mood disorders are responding to LDN. He discusses his philosophy on when to take LDN, why he thinks LDN works for some patients better than others, and future research that he would like to do.
Dr. Guttorm Raknes
November 13, 2016
Interview with Dr. Guttorm Raknes of the University Hospital of North Norway and Uni Research Health
As an expert in repurposed drugs, Guttorm Raknes, M.D., Ph.D. of the University Hospital of North Norway and Uni Research Health, became extremely interested in low dose naltrexone when patient requests and prescription numbers suddenly skyrocketed. A television documentary reported patients' success with LDN which sparked this "overnight" interest. Dr. Raknes studied the phenomenon and published a report, hoping to encourage support from the Norwegian government to fund clinical trials.
Dr. Burton Berkson
May 01, 2016
Interview with Dr. Burton Berkson of the Integrative Medical Center in Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA.
Dr. Burton Berkson, a highly accomplished integrative physician/researcher who first published about LDN, and combination LDN plus alpha lipoic acid, for pancreatic cancer and B-cell lymphoma, discusses what he has learned about LDN's benefits for a variety of conditions, including notoroiusly difficult-to-treat cancers and autoimmune diseases.
Dr. Phil Boyle
February 01, 2016
Interview with Dr. Phil Boyle, Director of the NaPro Fertility Care Clinic in Dublin, Ireland
Dr. Boyle shares his innovative approach using LDN for gynecological and obstetric disorders that are thought to have underlying deficiencies in endogenous endorphins that respond to LDN. He describes how he began trying LDN with his patients who had both difficulties with fertility and autoimmune disorders, and found LDN to improve both. Over the course of years, his use of LDN has expanded to thousands of patients, and has begun to theorize that, in the case of certain disorders (such as endometriosis and autism spectrum disorders), LDN during pregnancy may have a positive effect on the future health of the resulting children. Observations from clinical practice and directions for future research and clinical applications are described.
Dr. Leonard Weinstock
October 01, 2015
Interview with Dr. Leonard Weinstock, Gastroenterologist, President of Specialists in Gastroenterology, Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine and Surgery, Washington University School of Medicine
Dr. Weinstock shares how he came to learn about LDN and started to treat his patients who had inflammatory diseases such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and post-infectious Irritable Bowel Syndrome. As he continues to research LDN’s effects on a variety of medical conditions, he has learned that LDN is effective in many other conditions such as restless leg syndrome and pain, and most recently sarcoidosis. He shares what he has observed using LDN in his medical practice.
Prof. Angus Dalgleish
August 01, 2015
Interview with Renowned Oncologist Dr. Angus Dalgleish, Professor of Medical Oncology at St George's University of London and Consultant Physician at St. George's Hospital
Professor Dalgleish explains how he learned about LDN from one of his patients and how he researched it by meeting with Dr. Bihari and reviewing patient medical records. He describes the patients he has prescribed LDN and the effects he has observed. Professor Dalgleish discusses how he thinks LDN is potentially very useful in all cancers as a good general adjuvant therapy, and speaks about future directions for LDN research.
Drs. Ian Zagon and Patricia McLaughlin
February 01, 2015
Interview with Drs. Zagon and McLaughlin at Penn State University
Drs. Ian Zagon and Patricia McLaughlin describe their journey with LDN: from first discovering its activity in cancer to present day research and clinical applications. They describe what has most surprised them about LDN, what areas of LDN research are being neglected, and they provide a summary of their most recent LDN discoveries. Future directions for research and how the public can assist in those efforts are discussed.
Dr. Ian S. Zagon
November 01, 2009
Interview with Dr. Ian S. Zagon, Distinguished University Professor, Department of Neural and Behavioral Sciences, the Pennsylvania State University
Accredited as one of the researchers who discovered the effects of LDN, Dr. Zagon describes his discovery of LDN, his many studies and observations of its effects over the years, and his “epiphany” as he learned more about LDN. While he continued to observe the many benefits of LDN, it took some time before the professional community started to accept and embrace its benefits.
Dr. Maira Gironi
November 01, 2009
Interview with Dr. Maira Gironi, Institute of Experimental Neurology (INSPE) and Department of Neurology, San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Milan, Italy
Dr. Gironi discusses how she and her team speculated on the effect of LDN on symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). She describes their open-label trial of LDN in progressive MS patients and explains that the trial showed that LDN increased the level of beta-endorphins that helps treat the symptoms of MS.