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Interviews with Patients

Laura Dysart
Laura Dysart is so grateful that her doctor finally suggested LDN for her interstitial cystitis. After 7 previous doctors, 2 surgeries, and many treatments that were ineffective or only mildly helpful, the past 3.5 years had been very difficult. Laura had regular "date nights" with her heating pad and Percocet® in order to cope with the pain, and her IC limited her activities, sleep, and enjoyment of daily life. Within a few days of starting LDN, however, her symptoms improved noticeably. After only 3 weeks on LDN, Laura feels that her life is close to being back to where it was before her IC began.
When Pami’s “head bobbling” became physically exhausting and attracted public attention, she sought medical help and was diagnosed with cervical dystonia. With limited treatment options, she turned to LDN, which she had taken as cancer treatment in the past. After just one dose, there was a huge improvement in her condition, much to Pami’s delight and her physicians' surprise.
Kimberly Ryan
When Kim thinks back about the time in her life before LDN, when she was so ill for so many years, it brings tears to her eyes. She was an avid cyclist and gym "rat", putting herself through school while working, and living a very active lifestyle, until she was sidelined by fibromyalgia and mysterious autoimmune symptoms. It took Kim out of commission, to the point that she was unable to walk normally for months on end, and her quality of life was severely affected. After witnessing the huge change in quality of life that LDN gave to her service dog Hayliegh, who had liver cancer and a leg problem, Kim decided to try it herself. Her life changed dramatically. Her only regret is not having tried it sooner.
Deb Clark
Deb has been hiding pain associated with osteoarthritis and a connective tissue disorder for the past 25 years. As her cartilage wore out in her joints, her pain and surgeries increased. Not satisfied with the existing treatment options, Deb started researching LDN. She experienced a remarkable change the morning after her first dose of LDN and has been improving since.
Kayleen Jones
Kayleen finally received a diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) after years of bouncing from doctor to doctor, doing test after test. Finally knowing what was going on, Kayleen discussed her treatment options with a functional medicine doctor who recommended she start LDN right away. Her rheumatologist wasn't so sure about LDN, but was eventually convinced to allow her to try it before the other treatments he had to offer. After finding a source of LDN that agreed with her, Kayleen began taking it nightly and found that it dramatically improved her symptoms. She is very glad that she stayed firm on her resolution to try LDN, and grateful for the life-changing relief it provides.
Vicki Finlayson
Vicki's daily life with multiple sclerosis (MS) was a steep uphill climb. At times in so much pain she didn't think she could take any more, Vicki was seeking an alternative to standard MS drugs she'd already tried. After starting LDN, many of Vicki's worst symptoms started resolving, including intense nerve pain, fatigue, digestive issues, and brain fog/memory issues. On LDN for more than 10 years, Vicki's MS symptoms kept improving year after year. She got her career back. She got her hope back. She got her life back.
Tim Riley
Tim suffered from severe chronic back pain for years, undergoing over 30 procedures. Debilitating pain led him to heavy opioid use for 18 years. When he had enough, he went to a program to help him withdraw from those medicines, and then started LDN. He now feels much better than when he was taking narcotics. Tim says LDN has given him his life back.
Sue Christiance
Sue has many autoimmune conditions, including Crohn's disease. A few years ago, she developed autoimmune hearing loss as well. Treatment with steroids helped, but she later experienced severe side effects. Sue looked for a new treatment to help with her symptoms and to prevent total hearing loss. She discovered LDN and has not had any further problems since starting it. Several of her other autoimmune conditions improved as well.
Ruth Eisenberg
After 25 years of unsuccessful treatments for fibromyalgia and lichen sclerosus (a skin condition), Ruth tried LDN and experienced immediate improvement after only one dose. Her symptoms continued to lessen and she feels that she has been given "new life". She never expected to see such a dramatic improvement – 99% of her skin lesions have disappeared!
Suzanne Greenwald
Suzanne's restless legs syndrome (RLS) interfered significantly with her sleep, and her husband's as well. Pain, cramping, and the need to move during the nights created a vicious cycle of sleep deprivation, drowsiness, and need to sleep during the day. Taking LDN keeps Suzanne's restless legs syndrome at bay. She now sleeps soundly at night, and is able to be productive during the day. Her husband says he is so happy with the outcome, he could kiss the doctor who suggested this!