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Interviews with Patients

Fran & Yeti
Fran was constantly focused on how badly she felt. Suffering from dementia and a painful autoimmune illness called polymyalgia rheumatica, she was exhausted and uncomfortable, wanting just to stay in bed. LDN was a game changer. Now Fran's mood and energy are high, and her quality of life is dramatically improved. So too, for Fran's cat, Yeti, who was about to be euthanized due to pancreatic cancer. From the first dose of LDN, they noticed big changes in Yeti's appetite and energy. After a year on LDN, the latest visit to the veterinarian revealed an even bigger change...the pancreatic tumor disappeared! Truly an LDN family success story.
Sandy Burkett
Sandy has been chronically ill since childhood, even having 1 1/3 lung removed due to repeated serious infections. Eventually diagnosed with Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID) and Sjogren's syndrome, she suffered from debilitating fatigue and chronic pain. It affected her work and home life, and diminished her quality of life. Once reaching 3mg of LDN, Sandy's fatigue lifted, and she's never looked back. Her blood results returned to normal. Her hair stopped falling out. She is now a passionate advocate for LDN.
Rocky The Boxer
Rocky, the Koshak's son's 10 year old boxer, developed an aggressive, fast growing tumor on the side of his face that was inoperable. The veterinarian sent him home and predicted he had 6 weeks until the tumor suffocated him. After Rocky was put on LDN, the tumor reduced to half its size within 2 months, and within 4 months, it was completely gone, as were the tumors on his torso. The pictures of Rocky's recovery are a remarkable visual testimony of how LDN can work.
Maggie The Bulldog
The Koshak's dog Maggie had arthritis that kept her from getting around easily. Also, because of a heart condition, when she tore her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), she was not a candidate for surgery. The vet told the Koshak's she would always limp and be in pain. After doing some research, they decided to try giving Maggie LDN. After being on LDN, she returned to her previous activities and no longer limped. She behaved like a puppy again, much to the Koshak's delight.
Alan and Cindy Camp Koshak
Cindy and Alan, happy newlyweds who met late in life, have a supportive team approach to all life matters, including health. Cindy's health, unfortunately, was in a dire state when they married, due to her severe Sjogren's and Burning Mouth Syndromes. She was very motivated to try LDN. Alan decided he would take LDN together with her, both to be supportive and in the hope that it might help his long standing osteoarthritis pain. Their unique joint "LDN Journey" turned out to be a very fascinating one. Able to compare experiences once starting LDN, they were thrilled to see huge and unexpected positive changes in themselves and each other. Cindy and Alan hope sharing their LDN story encourages other couples to take a proactive role in supporting each other's health and well-being, including taking LDN if appropriate.
Alan Koshak
Alan had been dealing with osteoarthritis in his knees for decades. He had learned to live with the pain, but it certainly detracted from his quality of life. His wife Cindy, who had been researching LDN for her Sjogren's syndrome, discovered that some people had success using LDN for osteoarthritis pain, so she mentioned it to him. Alan decided, as part of their team approach to their health (and everything else in their lives), that he would start LDN along with Cindy. In addition to getting relief from his osteoarthritis pain, Alan also found LDN improved his mental clarity and recovery from strenuous exercise.
Cindy Camp Koshack
Despite a joyful new marriage to Alan, Cindy's life had become increasingly unbearable. In addition to dealing with Sjogren's syndrome, Cindy had also developed Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS), an extremely painful chronic mouth condition that feels like one's mouth has been scalded. Unable to find relief, Cindy's research led her to LDN. After her physician would not prescribe it, she finally found one that was willing to do so. She doesn't know where she would be now if she hadn't persisted. Grateful for the positive impact LDN has had on her life, Alan's life, and the lives of their family pets, Cindy now donates her time to educating others about LDN.
Steve's rescue poodle Dolly started having nosebleeds, which led to a diagnosis of sinus cancer. Dolly was sent home with a prognosis of 3 to 6 months to live. She began showing signs of feeling unwell, and started to withdraw. In light of Steve's own positive experience using LDN, he decided to treat Dolly with it. Steve and his family were excited to see signs that Dolly felt much better. Her nosebleeds stopped, she maintained her weight and activity, and she became perky as a puppy once again. On LDN for a year now, Dolly has well-outlived her prognosis, and shows no signs of slowing down.
Steve Nations
Steve's severe Hashimoto's thyroid disease prompted him to try LDN after other treatments failed. Once he started LDN for his Hashimoto's, Steve was very surprised to experience an immediate and unexpected healing of the severe sinusitis/allergic rhinitis condition he'd been struggling with since age six! Over time, LDN also significantly improved Steve's Hashimoto's disease, cutting his antibody count in half and resolving his challenging daily fatigue. The dramatic improvement in his quality of life and freedom from decades-old problems has turned Steve into an LDN advocate. Other members of Steve's household are now benefiting from LDN too.
Laura Dysart
Laura Dysart is so grateful that her doctor finally suggested LDN for her interstitial cystitis. After 7 previous doctors, 2 surgeries, and many treatments that were ineffective or only mildly helpful, the past 3.5 years had been very difficult. Laura had regular "date nights" with her heating pad and Percocet® in order to cope with the pain, and her IC limited her activities, sleep, and enjoyment of daily life. Within a few days of starting LDN, however, her symptoms improved noticeably. After only 3 weeks on LDN, Laura feels that her life is close to being back to where it was before her IC began.