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Interviews with Patients

Vicki Finlayson
In this follow-up interview, LDNscience catches up with Vicki Finlayson, whom we originally interviewed in 2017. Vicki began taking LDN for her MS and experienced tremendous improvement in that condition, along with her digestion which was damaged after many years of opioid use. Vicki shares with us how she is doing now, how her husband started taking LDN, and what she would like other MS patients to know about LDN.
Brooke Baron
Brooke Baron's kidney syndrome kept her in a cycle of relapses and taking immunosuppresants that caused awful side effects. On the verge of another relapse, Brooke wasn't willing to take prednisone again due to the damage it kept causing over the past 25 years. Fortunately, Brooke's mother had been researching LDN for years, and suggested she try LDN. Once Brooke did, her impending relapse cleared up overnight. She decided to continue taking it. Life has never been the same, and never been better.
Tia Khan
Tia Khan injured her foot as a child. What started out as a fracture turned into a chronic pain condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). In addition to constant burning pain, she experienced swelling and discoloration. As if that wasn't enough, when her other foot was injured a few months later, Tia developed CRPS in that foot too. Having such severe pain in both feet meant difficulty or inability to do any activity in which the feet are involved. And even when resting, the pain wouldn't leave her alone.
Bill Worth
Bill Worth was diagnosed 31 years ago with MS, and he refused all 3 mainstream medications available at that time due to their side effect profiles. Instead, 28 years ago, after doing research into LDN, he decided to take it and focus on a positive outcome. Now 78 years old, Bill credits this decision with changing the course of his disease. In addition to his MS not getting worse, and being sick very little in the past 3 decades, a recent MRI showed no active disease. Bill couldn't be more grateful, and he wrote a book about his experience in order to make others (especially MS patients) aware of LDN.
Kat Murphy
Kat Murphy was living her dream of becoming a nurse, when she was suddenly sidelined with 3 different disorders during her first year of nursing school. As if Rheumatoid Arthritis weren't enough, she was also diagnosed with Familial Mediterranean Fever, and Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria (hives). She became bedbound, fell behind in school, and didn't know what to do. In and out of doctors' offices every week to try to manage her symptoms, she was convinced she wouldn't last in nursing school. After suffering through the side effects of multiple medications, her rheumatologist finally suggested LDN. Kat decided to give it a try, and doesn't know where she would be now if she hadn't. Not only did LDN reduce her pain, swelling, and fatigue, it normalized her bloodwork, and even improved her ADHD! A bleak prognosis for her life completely turned around, and she's hopeful and grateful to be back pursuing her dreams again.
Tom Jacobs
Tom had been suffering with eczema for over 10+ years. It would come and go in varying degrees of severity, sometimes quite severe. He tried the full gamut of creams and diets, and even CBD. After seeing no change, Tom decided to try LDN. He knew not to expect immediate results, and continued using it for more than 6 months when, all of a sudden, the extreme bout of eczema he had been enduring cleared up! No more debilitating stinging, itching, or swelling. It has maintained that way now for just short of a year. Life is good again.
Sarah Perry
As with most people with fibromyalgia, Sarah was a warrior. Each day, she was fighting constant widespread pain, severe fatigue, sleep deprivation, and IBS. It was only getting worse, and the last couple of years were a very dark time in her life. A stay-at-home mother and military spouse, Sarah was doing her best to provide a nurturing stable environment for her family that moved frequently due to military assignments. After many disappointing experiences with commonly prescribed medications for fibromyalgia, Sarah's new pain management specialist suggested LDN. She researched it, and motivated herself to give it a try. Life has never been the same. Or better.
Smokey Charis
Smokey woke up in excruciating abdominal pain. Admitted to the hospital, she received surgery for a presumed bowel obstruction. But the pain came back afterward. Subsequent testing showed intestinal lesions, which resulted in a diagnosis of Crohn's disease. Smokey was dissatisfied with her GI's lack of willingness to explore other possible causes of her symptoms or to prescribe less risky medicines, She consulted a functional medicine practitioner who immediately prescribed low dose naltrexone and suggested comprehensive stool testing. Finding overgrowth of unfriendly bacteria, she started a low-oxalate diet and probiotics, along with her LDN. The symptoms resolved, the intestinal lesions disappeared, and Smokey was able to return to a very active lifestyle.
Fran & Yeti
Fran was constantly focused on how badly she felt. Suffering from dementia and a painful autoimmune illness called polymyalgia rheumatica, she was exhausted and uncomfortable, wanting just to stay in bed. LDN was a game changer. Now Fran's mood and energy are high, and her quality of life is dramatically improved. So too, for Fran's cat, Yeti, who was about to be euthanized due to pancreatic cancer. From the first dose of LDN, they noticed big changes in Yeti's appetite and energy. After a year on LDN, the latest visit to the veterinarian revealed an even bigger change...the pancreatic tumor disappeared! Truly an LDN family success story.
Sandy Burkett
Sandy has been chronically ill since childhood, even having 1 1/3 lung removed due to repeated serious infections. Eventually diagnosed with Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID) and Sjogren's syndrome, she suffered from debilitating fatigue and chronic pain. It affected her work and home life, and diminished her quality of life. Once reaching 3mg of LDN, Sandy's fatigue lifted, and she's never looked back. Her blood results returned to normal. Her hair stopped falling out. She is now a passionate advocate for LDN.

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