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Dolly The Rescue Poodle's LDN Story: Beating The Odds Against Sinus Cancer

June 12, 2018

About Canine Sinus Cancer:

By the time signs of sinus cancer are noticeable to a dog owner and a diagnosis is made, it is typically at an advanced stage. Nasal tumors tend to remain local, rather than spread, but can be very aggressive. They can erode into surrounding tissues and bone, even into the skull. Treatments can include radiation or radiosurgery. Prognosis depends on the type of cancer and how early the cancer was detected and treated.

Steve, could you please tell us a bit about your dog Dolly?

We have a rescue poodle named Dolly. I highly recommend rescue dogs- they usually have had a difficult life and are very grateful to have a good home. I think they are more loving than pure-bred dogs because of that.

How did you know something was wrong with her?

Dolly started bleeding from her nose. We took her to the vet and found out there was a cancerous mass in her sinus cavity.

What were you told about her prognosis?

The veterinarian told us that she had about 3-6 months to live. If we did radiation, we were told it might extend her life slightly, to about 7 months. However, this option presented many difficulties for us. It was not a treatment that was available to us locally- we would have had to make long trips to get the treatment for her, and she would have to be sedated each time to receive the treatment. Unfortunately, for many reasons, it was not a feasible option for us. In addition, it would not have given her that much more time, according to what the vet said.

LDN worked so well for me that I thought it might work well for my dog too
What made you consider putting Dolly on LDN?

The pharmacy where I purchase my LDN has a website that discusses treating a golden retriever with LDN. That gave me the idea that it could be done. Additionally, LDN worked so well for me that I thought it might work well for my dog too (my story can be seen here). So I did some additional research on an LDN-for-pets group on Yahoo® and found that people give it to their dogs, cats, even horses.

What dose of LDN to you give to Dolly?

I give her 0.5mg a day, which I believe is 0.03mg per pound. I put it in her food.

Since going on LDN, Dolly’s quality of life has improved significantly
How has LDN affected Dolly?

Since going on LDN, Dolly’s quality of life has improved significantly. She’s maintaining her weight and her activity level, and she is pain-free. She’s frisky, just like a puppy, even though she’s a senior citizen at 12 years old. Still on LDN a year after we received that poor prognosis, Dolly is well past her “expiration date.” She just keeps going and we hope to have her around for a lot longer!

More about Dolly:

Dolly is a 12 year old rescue poodle who provides our family with much joy. We hope she has many more happy years with us. If you have a question about our LDN experience with Dolly, please feel free to contact

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