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"LDN Really Is For The Dogs!": Rocky's Cancerous Tumors Disappear

Rocky The Boxer
June 28, 2018

About Canine Adenoma:

Adenomas are tumors that, if they are not able to be removed through surgery often cause compression, destruction and loss of function in structures near their location, including suffocation if the airway becomes obstructed. Dogs may have nose bleeds or other discharge, sneeze, be short of breath, and try to wipe their eyes due to discomfort. At later stages, the eyes may bulge and the face may become deformed. Sometimes a dog will exhibit behavior changes due to pressure on the brain, such as circling and having problems with eyesight.

Could you please tell us Rocky’s story?

Rocky, our son Dustin’s 10 year old boxer, was a wonderful dog. Unfortunately, he had multiple tumors under his skin on his torso and legs. Dustin and his girlfriend Vanessa would take Rocky to the vet to have the tumors removed, and they were usually cancerous. Then, Rocky developed a golf-ball size tumor on the side of his face/jaw.

What did Rocky’s veterinarian advise about the facial tumor?

The vet recommended “de-bulking” (reducing the size of the tumor), and when that procedure was done and the tumor was analyzed, it was found to be a malignant adenoma. The tumor grew incredibly fast, to the point it became an open wound that oozed, and Rocky developed a lot of black bubbly matter in his ear. Because the tumor was wrapped around Rocky’s larynx, it was eventually going to suffocate him as it grew. Dustin and Vanessa scheduled Rocky for surgery to have the tumor removed.

What happened next?

When the time of the surgery arrived, the veterinarian re-evaluated the tumor and said that, at that point, it was inoperable. He sent Rocky home, gave him 6 weeks to live, and no hope. Dustin’s dogs are his babies, and he couldn’t bear it. He was so depressed. We were hurting for him.

Given the very positive experience we had with LDN ourselves…and with our own dog...we suggested they find a vet willing to give Rocky a trial of LDN
Rocky - Before & After
How did LDN come to be considered as a treatment for Rocky?

Given the very positive experience we had with LDN ourselves (Cindy’s story, Alan’s story, our LDN journey together) and with our own dog (Maggie’s story), we suggested they find a vet willing to give Rocky a trial of LDN. We felt it was certainly worth a try, since there were no other options. Vanessa made phone calls all over the country trying to find a vet familiar with LDN. She found one in New Jersey who was willing to fax information about LDN to Rocky’s veterinarian in Little Rock, Arkansas. Rocky was then put on LDN.

Rocky’s story is a dramatic result, with visual evidence, of how LDN can work
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What was Rocky’s response to LDN?

Once Rocky was put on LDN, the tumor that was going to suffocate him shrunk to about half its size within two months, and within 4 months it was completely gone (as were the tumors that were on his torso). Rocky’s story is a dramatic result, with visual evidence, of how LDN can work. I think it’s pretty remarkable.

Was Rocky’s quality of life improved after taking LDN?

Definitely. LDN significantly improved the length and quality of Rocky’s life. Prior to LDN, Rocky would yelp when he opened his mouth to eat or yawn, because it was so painful. Once LDN had started to shrink the tumor, he was able to eat, yawn, and open his mouth without any problems. Rocky’s entire demeanor changed and he was feeling good again. He returned to being a happy dog. He lived to be over 11 years old, which is older than most boxers, and he was comfortable during the last year of his life, which was such a gift.

More About Rocky:

Rocky, a family dog that brought much delight into the Koshak family, benefited tremendounsly from LDN, and helped turn around a dismal prognosis. If you have questions about our canine LDN experiences, please feel free to write to us at [email protected] or [email protected]