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Unexpected Healing: Steve Took LDN for Hashimoto's and It Resolved His Severe Sinusitis/Allergies Too

Steve Nations
June 10, 2018

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis

Hashimoto’s Disease (also known as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis) is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks the thyroid gland. This gland produces hormones that coordinate many of the body's activities including metabolism. The inflammation resulting from the attack on the thyroid often leads to an underactive gland (hypothyroidism). Hypothyroidism typically starts subtly with symptoms like fatigue, constipation, dry skin, and weight gain. It often progresses to much more severe symptoms over time. There is no cure for Hashimoto's disease. Current treatment involves attempting to replace thyroid hormones in order to regulate metabolism.


Also known as rhinosinusitis, sinusitis is the inflammation of the sinuses that can result in symptoms of facial pain, congestion, stuffy nose, and thick mucus. Other symptoms can include headaches, coughing, fever, sore throat, and a poor sense of smell.

Steve, which health conditions have you been dealing with?

I was diagnosed with Grave’s disease when I was a teenager. My thyroid was twice the size it should have been. They did surgery, removing half of my thyroid. My thyroid condition did generally well after that, until about age 40 when I began to gain weight. By age 50, all sorts of new health problems had started, like Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and chronic viruses (e.g. Epstein-Barr, CMV, HHV6). I’ve also had sinusitis since I was about 6 years old. It has been an ongoing battle with allergies resulting in a constantly runny nose, sinus headaches, and avoidance of going outdoors.

Does where you live play a role in your health?

I live in Bakersfield, California, which is important, because Bakersfield has some of the worst air quality in the country. We rank among the top 5 worst cities in terms of air pollution. While allergists can try to inoculate you to make your body more resistant to natural things in the environment, they can’t do anything about the manmade things, like air pollution and chemicals. My theory is that most of my problems are coming from the manmade things in the environment.

How had you been treating your sinus condition?

I took antihistamines like Claritin D®, Benadryl®, and Astelin® spray every day. I would put Budesonide® (steroid) in a liter of saltwater and put it through my sinuses each day using a WaterPik®. I took oral steroids like prednisone when I had to. I avoided going outdoors, and paid close attention to the air pollution index in order to schedule my activities. It was a constant battle.

How did you find out about LDN?

My Hashimoto’s disease was quite severe, and after failing other treatments, I started researching alternative treatments. That’s how I came across LDN. Two of my doctors said no to prescribing it. So I had a consultation with Dr. Hila Handler and received a prescription for LDN to treat my Hashimoto’s.

After taking my first dose of LDN, my sinuses cleared up to a level I’d only seen when I took prednisone, with none of the harmful side effects
What was your initial response to LDN?

I took LDN to see if it would improve my Hashimoto’s, but the first thing that happened unexpectedly was a huge improvement in my sinus condition. After taking my first dose of LDN, my sinuses cleared up to a level I’d only seen when I took prednisone, with none of the harmful side effects. The next week, I was able to stop all my daily antihistamines. The following week, I decided to stop using the steroid that I flushed my sinuses with, as well.

How did your sinus condition respond to LDN over time?

About 6 months after starting LDN, I ended up discontinuing all my immunology shots. I had been getting allergy shots every 2 weeks. So, right now, all I do is flush my sinuses with a liter of salt water once a day (sometimes twice depending on the air quality) and I'm good to go! And, I’ve been on LDN for about a year now and there has been no regression in my condition, which is amazing.

After taking LDN, my high thyroid antibodies have come down about 50% in about 6 months, down from antibody counts in the 1800’s!
Has LDN helped your other medical conditions?

Yes, things continue to get better on the Hashimoto’s side too. After taking LDN, my high thyroid antibodies have come down about 50% in about 6 months, down from antibody counts in the 1800’s! My brain fog has improved. I had also been having severe fatigue, probably related to the flaring of viruses I had in my system at 4-5 times the typical level. My viral loads are now back down to normal level and my fatigue has greatly improved. I used to have a 3pm “wall of fatigue” I had to try to get through every day, otherwise I’d succumb to a 1-3 hour nap. I would also have to sleep 12 hours on the weekend. I don’t have to do that anymore. I can just go through a normal day.

I can tell you that after 54 years, to have all this go away with LDN is nothing short of incredible
How else has your life changed since starting LDN?

I used to watch the air quality index like a hawk. If it was a day of bad air quality, I’d avoid going outside. I also did activities at certain times of the day, when the allergens and air pollution are at their lowest. Now that I am on LDN, I don’t worry about any of that. I literally can go about my business and the air quality doesn’t impact me anymore. I can tell you that after 54 years, to have all this go away with LDN is nothing short of incredible. You have nothing to lose. For the cost of a doctor consultation and a prescription, I've taken care of a whole host of problems that I dealt with every day of my life for 54 years.

What dose of LDN do you take and when?

I take 4.5mg of LDN in the morning, because I find it doesn’t impact my sleep as much. I used to have “technicolor” dreams that would wake me up. They weren’t a bad experience, but I sleep better now.

We decided have my father-in-law start on LDN in order to help his healing process, and it’s been a great assistance
Who else in your family has tried LDN?

My father in law, John, has just gone through throat cancer. We were a little bit late in the game when we decided to put him on LDN. He had gone through 36 radiation treatments without it. He is one of the 5% of people that don’t respond to radiation, so he had to have a partial laryngectomy. We decided have my father-in-law start on LDN in order to help his healing process, and it’s been a great assistance. We immediately noticed a great reduction in the amount of coughing he would do. He has been coughing something like 300 times a day, the discomfort of which is hard for people to relate to. When we put him on LDN the coughing dropped in half, so that was a huge help.

Did you also put your dog on LDN?

Yes, we have a rescue poodle named Dolly that we put on LDN to help treat her sinus cancer. Her story can also be seen on

LDN is an incredible medicine and you should take advantage of it
What would you most like people to know about LDN?

There are many people with allergies and thyroid disease, and it could make a world of difference for a lot of people. But there’s a lot of resistance to it in the medical community. So it’s up to you as an individual to go out there and get it. You don’t have the time to sit and wait for it to come to you. LDN is an incredible medicine and you should take advantage of it. Another important thing to remember is that it’s our responsibility to eat and drink the right things, and treat our body well, so that the LDN will work. Diet plays a major role for me and cannot be emphasized enough. I’m hopeful that after making further dietary changes in the future, my Hashimoto’s will be in full remission.

More about Steve:

I live in Bakersfield California with my wife, father-in-law, and two dogs. I spend most of my time doing commercial mortgage brokerage and assisting my wife in the caregiving of John, my father-in-law. I also enjoy gardening, cooking, and, when I have a chance to steal away, going to look at classic and hot rod cars. I am grateful for the good fortune of finding LDN and am hopeful that my continual improvement in health will allow me the chance to make some bold career moves. If you have a question about my LDN experience, feel free to contact me at [email protected]

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