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LDN is a miracle, and a lifesaver: Tom's recovery from extreme eczema

Tom Jacobs
November 14, 2019

About Eczema (Dermatitis):

This is a chronic, inflammatory skin condition that causes red, itchy (may be severe), crusty, fluid-leaking bumps. It can result in thickened, cracked, scaly skin that is raw, sensitive, and swollen from scratching. It tends to flare up periodically and may be accompanied by asthma or hay fever. No cure has yet been found for dermatitis.

Tom, what has been your experience with eczema?

I’ve been suffering with a skin condition for 12 years on and off. I tried many different remedies but nothing was particularly effective. Eventually I saw a skin specialist, who diagnosed me with eczema and gave steroid creams. However, I’m aware of their risks and kept looking for a better solution.

How bad did your eczema get?

Although it went up and down in severity, it got worse over the years. About 2 years ago, it was consistently, full-time, really uncomfortable eczema. It was terrible. It was basically everywhere from the neck down, and the skin was crusty and oozing. I looked like a mummy much of the time, continually wrapped in bandages. It was difficult to cope with.

I looked like a mummy much of the time, continually wrapped in bandages
How did it affect your activity level?

There were times when it was so full-blown, it was incapacitating. I couldn't take showers. I couldn’t drive. I couldn't even walk because the friction of the clothes on my skin was way too uncomfortable. I had to find a different line of work that offered flexibility to work from home, where no one could see me, and I could be comfortable without moving.

Eczema is a rollercoaster ride of emotional, as well as physical, discomfort.
What was the emotional impact on you?

Anyone who has eczema knows the feeling of being so desperate to get relief from the constant stinging and itching. You’re told not to scratch, because it makes the condition worse. But it’s impossible not to. So when you do scratch, you feel guilty and depressed that you’ve “failed”. Eczema is a rollercoaster ride of emotional, as well as physical, discomfort. There were times when I silently thought to myself that if this was going to be my life, I didn't want to live anymore. I seriously got to that point.

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How did you find out about LDN?

I had started taking CBD oil to see if it would help the eczema, but I didn’t get the relief I hoped for. When I told my CBD supplier about my experience, he recommended adding LDN. That was the first I’d heard about it.

What made you decide to try LDN?

I researched it on the internet, and at that time, there was very little information available about using LDN for eczema. But there were a significant number of people’s stories about experiencing all kinds of other health improvements from taking LDN. So, I decided to give it a try.

However, on the 2nd week of our vacation, the eczema disappeared.
What happened when you started LDN?

I didn’t see any changes for the first 4 months or so. Then, over a two-week Christmas vacation last year, things changed. During the first week of the vacation, I was really uncomfortable: the hotter the temperature got, the more uncomfortable the stinging and itching got. It was miserable. However, on the 2nd week of our vacation, the eczema disappeared. I’m talking about cleared up. It was almost unbelievable…but such a relief. All of a sudden, I didn't have to deal with the stinging or itching that used to be constant. I was elated.

Did your life change when your eczema cleared up?

It was a total change in my ability to actually to live my life. I was able to walk places. Do things. Drive the car. Just able to live normally. In fact, I started to walk around in sleeveless shirts even if it was cold, because I could! I didn't have oozing “leper-like” lesions anymore all over my arms, hands, or legs, so it I could show my skin in ways that I couldn’t before.

Tom's Before and After
After the LDN cleared up the eczema, I just felt so much more relaxed and started enjoying life, finally.
Did your emotional well-being improve as well?

It was, mentally, such a relief. After the LDN cleared up the eczema, I just felt so much more relaxed and started enjoying life, finally. It has been wonderful.

How much LDN do you take and when?

I currently take 4.0mg. I was very pleased that I didn’t experience side effects…there are probably more people out there that don’t have side effects, because we tend to hear only from those that do. Also, based on reading I’ve done, I learned that skipping a day of LDN each week may help one’s opioid receptors to “reset,” so I skip taking LDN one day a week.

I nervously waited to see if the eczema would return…but it didn’t!
You were taking LDN and CBD oil when your eczema cleared. What makes you think LDN healed it?

Well, it may have been a synergistic effect between the two, but the whole reason I started the LDN was because I wasn’t getting results I wanted from the CBD. Also, when I ran out of CBD a couple of months ago, I decided not to restart it and just stay on LDN. I nervously waited to see if the eczema would return…but it didn’t! That also makes me think LDN is played a significant role in my healing.

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The pictures of your skin before and after taking LDN are really remarkable. What’s their story?

I took the “before” pictures a couple of years ago in order to show a medical practitioner what I was dealing with. But they don’t actually don’t show the eczema when it was at its worst. I didn’t take pictures of it that…it was so awful. But I’m glad I took some pictures, so you can see the difference now.

I’ve been on LDN for over a year and there has been no relapse of the extreme eczema I experienced during the past 11 years.
Has the severe eczema ever come back?

Thankfully, no. I’ve been on LDN for over a year and there has been no relapse of the extreme eczema I experienced during the past 11 years. I get the occasional spot of eczema every now and then, but after I put little cream on it, it goes away pretty quickly. Also, when I do get a spot of eczema, I don’t feel the intense stinging and itching that I used to. I’m so grateful for that.

What advice would you give those with eczema who are considering trying LDN?

Educate yourself. The LDNscience website is a good resource to learn about LDN...that way, when you talk to your physician, you can talk with some level of confidence. You’re probably going to need to educate your doctor about it. Also, learn to accept yourself as you are, forgive yourself if you scratch, and do what you can to keep your mental attitude as positive as possible. You’re not alone. I have so much empathy for you.

If I would have stopped taking LDN earlier, I may never have experienced the healing.
What do you wish people knew before starting LDN?

If you get the opportunity to try LDN, stick with it. There are so many people who try it for a month and if they don’t see any results, they stop taking it. Don’t do that! It took 4 months before I saw any change…but then it finally happened. If I would have stopped taking LDN earlier, I may never have experienced the healing. Our condition didn’t develop overnight, so we need to give our body the time it needs to heal itself, which is what LDN actually helps it to do. It may take a month, 6 months, or a year- everybody is different. But be consistent and persistent with taking LDN, and you’re more likely to see the results you desire.

Is there any final thought you’d like to share?

LDNscience, please continue your work. LDN has been such a light in the darkness for me and so many others. Hopefully LDN will become more widely available, more widely prescribed, and more widely used, because, at least from my point of view, it was a miracle…and a lifesaver, for that matter. So keep going!

More About Tom:

I live in New Zealand. I experienced severe eczema all over my body for 12 years, which affected every area of my life. LDN was a major contributing factor to my healing journey. This is my story. If anyone would like to contact me with further questions or comments, I can be reached through email at

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