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Vicki 4 Years Later: Celebrating 16 Years on LDN for MS

Vicki Finlayson
May 06, 2021

About Multiple sclerosis (MS):

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease of nerve demyelination, in which the protective covers of nerve cells that provide insulation are damaged. The name of the disease refers to scars (sclerae—referred to these days as lesions or plaques) that often appear in the brain and spinal cord. This damage has the potential to disrupt the communication between the brain and the rest of the body, thereby causing dysfunction and damage. A wide variety of physical and/or mental impairments usually result.

Between 2 and 2.5 million people are affected with multiple sclerosis globally. The cause of MS is not yet clear, and there is no known cure. Treatments try to prevent new “attacks” and improve symptoms/functioning after an attack, however, they have varying degrees of efficacy, can have serious negative effects, and can be poorly tolerated. Many people with MS seek out alternative treatments.

Vicki, it’s wonderful to reconnect with you again since we last interviewed you 4 years ago. How are you doing now?

I’m doing very well. Rarely do I have a bad day. I keep taking my LDN. After 16 years of taking it, I’m still experiencing all the benefits without any negative effects at all. My energy level -from the minute I wake up in the morning until I go to bed- is full blown. I have no fatigue, no tingling, no numbness. I’m very fortunate. Since I started the LDN, I’ve had no MS relapses, other than a little minor one many years ago. My blood tests also keep coming back in good shape, too. I don’t even consider myself as having MS anymore. My mental state is still happy. I still have a good quality of life. Everything is just great.

Has the pain relief from taking LDN that you described 4 years ago maintained all this time?

Yes. I have had no pain. NO pain. Call it a miracle, but I haven’t experienced any of the pain, the numbness, the nerve issues that I had. The only time that body-wise I might feel a bit achy is if I don’t get enough sleep, or if I press myself a little too hard. But if I just take it easy that day, but if I just go to bed early that night, the next day I’m back to normal.

Vicki Finlayson How are your digestive issues now?

I am still 100% better than I was before starting LDN, which is pretty amazing. Based on the scans and doctors feedback at that time, I was told there was so much nerve damage from taking opioids that my stomach wasn’t digesting at all, and my only option was a feeding tube. They said they didn’t see it ever getting any better. But I fooled them…it got better on LDN!

Are you still taking 4.5mg of LDN? Does it work the same for you now as it did last time we spoke?

I started taking 4.5mg of LDN in 2005 and to this day, faithfully, I take it every night. I experimented for a few weeks with taking it every other day…I didn’t originally tell my husband, but when I did tell him, he said, “You’ve got to take it. Every. Single. Day.” I think that’s because he knows how poorly I was doing before taking LDN compared to now. So I went back to taking it every day. It’s working, I’m doing well, and my laboratory results are all coming back good, so I see no reason to change.

Have you done any scans recently to assess the current state of your MS?

I did one scan prior to our interview 4 years ago which actually showed improvement in my MS brain lesions after starting LDN, but I haven’t done a scan since then. I actually haven’t gone back to my neurologist, because I haven’t had any problems. I’m of the mindset: “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!”

Have you been getting your LDN from the same source all this time?

The compounder that I used closed, so I used a different one. But they changed the filler in my LDN, and it bothered my stomach, so when my old compounder restarted, I went back to them. They are still using an acidophilus filler, which works well for me without side effects.

I think my husband is doing just as well as I am on LDN, other than the fact that he doesn’t have MS!
Your husband is also now taking LDN. Why did he start?

Because I told him to! Haha. But seriously, my husband chose to take LDN, sort of like a multivitamin, as a preventative measure. When my MS was bad, he had to do a lot for me, and after he saw my turnaround on LDN, he was impressed. I told him that it wouldn’t hurt him to take it. So he started it a good couple of years ago. I think my husband is doing just as well as I am on LDN, other than the fact that he doesn’t have MS! So far so good. In fact, when he used to get colds, they would really knock him out for a week or two, but since he’s been taking LDN, they’ve been very mild and last 2-3 days at most. I haven’t had a cold in 3 or 4 years, maybe longer than that…and they were very mild. So there’s definitely something to say about the LDN as far as that goes.

Vicki Finlayson
What’s one of the biggest changes you’ve experienced as a result of taking LDN?

I don't even think about the possibility of having a relapse. That hasn't even entered my mind…for a good ten years. If I do think about it, I think…Nope. It's the LDN. That reassurance makes me happy. The other day I was talking to my girlfriend that I hadn’t talked to for a while. She asked, “How is your MS?” and I told her, you know, honestly, I forgot about it. I’m fortunate, but I forgot that I have it because I’ve done so well. Mentally, emotionally, energy-wise. I feel very blessed.

Thank God for the LDN because I need it! It has never let me down
What does your life look like now, after 16 years on LDN?

I walk my 3 miles every day. “If you don’t use it, you lose it,” so I try to stay as active as possible. I play with my granddaughter. She'll be 7 in September and she has a lot of energy. Thank God for the LDN because I need it! It has never let me down. I even got on a bicycle about 6 months ago and didn't fall off! It's almost like I have this new rejuvenated childhood coming back again, and I attribute every ounce of this to the LDN.

What is your current advice to people considering LDN?

Whenever I see people diagnosed, my first line is, “I strongly urge everyone to research LDN” and I spell it out for them. That was probably one of the best decisions I ever made in treating my MS. It has increased my quality of life immensely. I'm thankful to Dr. Zagon and to the doctors that are doing the studies and the research and that are open and willing to prescribe it to people. To have something safe and non-invasive and effective and gives you not only symptom relief but mind and body relief, that's huge. I also thank LDNscience, and I always tell people to go to the LDNscience website, because you'll find more about the science behind LDN on that site than you will any place else.

More About Vicki:

My family is my life....I have a 7 year old granddaughter named Sophia who is the light of my life. I love spending time with her and being Grammy. My husband, the love of my life, and I love spending our time together. We have a boat and enjoy our time on the water. We also love spending time in our yard. When we aren't busy with family we have the best group of friends and spend fun times laughing with them. I love helping educate people about LDN...especially families who are struggling with their disabilities and desperately looking for alternatives. I've always said LDN should be on the top of every doctor's prescription list when considering writing a script. If you have any questions, I can be contacted at [email protected]

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