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High Quality Formulations From Trustworthy, Altruistic Suppliers

Interested in purchasing Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) but not sure which supplier you can trust? At LDNscience®, we understand what an important and difficult decision it can be in choosing a supplier. That’s why we review top providers for you and determine which ones we believe are currently offering the latest and best possible formulations.

Among the factors we considered when analyzing providers were:

  • Do they follow best manufacturing practices?
  • Do they have years of experience in custom preparation of LDN?
  • Do they routinely consult with top medical researchers?
  • Does the supplier donate a portion of profits to LDN research?

The last question is important because we believe in further LDN research. We support suppliers who donate part of their LDN sales to fund LDN research.


Providers who support LDN research will display the following symbol on both their website, and on the LDN products you purchase from them. You can help advance LDN research by choosing to buy from a provider who displays this symbol:

We Support LDN Research

Here are LDN providers we are recommending at this time:



If you supply LDN and want to apply for listing on our website, please Contact Us.

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